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      Well, I suppose I am, said Esmeralda, with a little laugh, for it struck her as comical that she should be the Duchess of Belfayre. But it doesnt much matter, does it, seeing that Im a prisoner here? Then suddenly a thought flashed upon her. Do you think they want money? she asked. Because, if so

      That girl! she said. A girl from the wilds; a nobody; a vulgar parvenue! Her hands were clinched to her side; her breath came fast; her blue eyes flashed like fire.

      [61]Trafford bowed his head.

      They are wise. It is cool out there, he said; but he did not offer to go and join them.About three, I reckon, said Mother Melinda. Its a pretty little thing, aint it, Mr. Howard? I wonder who its mother was? Judging by the looks of her, I should say she was no common kind of woman; she looks delicate and fine like. I wonder who the child belongs to.

      Will he? said Esmeralda. Now, in Three Star hed have shot you.


      He broke in upon her with a cry, the cry of a man who sees a glimmer of light through darkness.